There is no doubt about the fact that most kids have a sweet tooth and they love to relish on sweets, candies, juices, ice creams, and beverages. This puts them at higher risk of tooth decay than adults. Regular brushing and flossing are not enough to keep the tooth decay at bay. However, you can prevent the tooth decay in kids up to 80% with the help of dental sealants.

What is Dental Sealant?

The dental sealant is an invisible thin plastic coating placed on the surface of the molars and pre-molars for protecting them from decay and cavity. Your back teeth have grooves which makes it difficult for the toothbrushes to clean them. This leads to accumulation of plaque attracting bacteria which feeds on plaque and produce acid. The acid eats the enamel and results in tooth decay.

Though brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste helps in protecting the teeth from decay, the sealants in AZ 85204 offer an extra layer of protection on the surface of molars and premolars.

Who Can Get Dental Sealants?

Children and adults both make for a good candidate for dental sealants. If your teeth have any signs of decay, you must talk to your dentist near Mesa about the available options for the sealants. However, you don’t need to wait till your teeth begin to show signs of cavity for getting dental sealants.

For most of the kids, the first molars erupt at the age of six and the second molars erupt at the age of 12. Application of sealants immediately after eruption helps in keeping the children safe from cavity.

The process of applying sealants

The process is very quick and painless. The dentist will clean the tooth and once it gets dry, he will apply an acidic gel for making the tooth rough. He will then rinse the acid and apply the sealant. He will use a special light for hardening the sealant.

A report from the CDC suggests that applying dental sealants to children can help in preventing tooth decay up to 80%.

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