A beautiful and dazzling smile warms up the heart. Almost anyone would desire to have a smile that exudes health and vibrancy. That’s why there are scores of people who are flocking our dental offices near you to get teeth whitening – one of the top services offered within cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening is quite a standard procedure since its main aim is to restore the natural color of your teeth. You can also reap tons of benefits when our dentist does your teeth whitening. This is because your oral health will improve, you will get instant results, and it is safer.

However, when you get your new shiny smile, you might have to safeguard it since stains can easily undo the work that has been done. It’s not worth it when you have to get the treatment redone after a couple of months when you have just started enjoying your bright smile.

It’s no lie that specific foods stain teeth, which can partly be why you seek whitening. So, you will need to know the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth so that you can enjoy your bright new smile.

Here’s a list of the foods and drinks that you should steer clear of:

Teeth whitening products that you get in stores and at our dental offices near you may contain either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. So, during the whitening process, the peroxide will slightly weaken your teeth’s enamel to penetrate the inner parts of the teeth to break the stains and whiten your teeth.

So, if you consume acidic foods, you will be adding gasoline to the fire. This is because, after teeth whitening, your teeth might be sensitive, and consuming acidic stuff may exacerbate the issue.

Your teeth will become more sensitive, and it can be uncomfortable and even painful when you consume foods and drinks with extreme temperatures. Some of the main foods you will need to steer clear of may include pineapples, citrus fruits such as oranges, tomatoes, pickled foods, and processed meats.

Most of the drinks that have a dark hue contain chromogens or tannins, which are notorious for staining teeth. This is because teeth are usually porous, and when you consume these drinks, they typically get stuck in the tiny pits on your teeth’s surface and lead to stains.

So, if you want to keep your smile as bright as ever, you may need to tone down taking these drinks. Some of the common beverages in this category are red wine, coffee, tea, grape juice, and even hot chocolate.

These added colors or dyes usually have a knack for staining teeth. You will need to avoid them if you wish to have a bright smile. You might want to avoid foods and drinks with dyes, both artificial and natural. The foods that might impact your teeth after teeth whitening may include soy sauce, ketchup, etc.

Sugar is not your friend, but bacteria love sugar. This is what they survive on, so when you enjoy sugary foods and drinks a bit too much, you might just be inviting bacteria to feast on your freshly whitened pearly whites.

Your teeth might be more sensitive than usual, so they don’t need the extra stress of dealing with bacteria. Besides, your teeth might be more vulnerable to cavities because of the weakened state of your enamel.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that you might enjoy are usually dark-colored. As mentioned earlier, dark-colored foods will stain your teeth. Remember that anything dark enough to stain your white t-shirt can stain your pearly whites. So, be on the lookout for berries, purple cabbage, cherries, beets, pomegranates, grapes, dark leafy greens, etc.

The Takeaway

Foods and beverages rich in acids, tannins, and chromogens will stain your teeth and even increase tooth sensitivity, and you might need an emergency dentist near Mesa. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should never enjoy these foods and drinks, but you might have to proceed with caution.

If you need a smile-makeover or have any query about teeth whitening, contact us at Family Dental Care.

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