Have your pearly whites lost their luster to make you believe teeth whitening is the best solution available for you? You may consider visiting the dentist in Mesa for obtaining the service of professional teeth whitening. Looking at the various advertisements over the Internet you may also consider natural ways to Whiten your teeth. Regardless of which option you choose it would be better if you understand the benefits of choosing professional teeth whitening over other methods that are popular but are equally ineffective in providing the results you desire. Let us consider some of the reasons why you should choose professional services for teeth whitening.

Why the Services of a Dentist Should Be Chosen for Teeth Whitening?

The advertisements you observe over the print and electronic media are simply looking to promote a product that has been developed as a teeth whitener. The products are unregulated and in most cases are incapable of delivering the results they promise. The advertisements you notice are part of a marketing campaign that has a single-minded objective of grabbing your attention. Delivering results that are promised is the last thing on their minds. Therefore it is recommended that you opt for teeth whitening from a professional dentist rather than succumb to a marketing campaign and waste your money.

What Are the Reasons Prompting You to Look for Teeth Whitening?

The most common reason why people look to Whiten their teeth is because they have lost their color because of many reasons. It is possible that you could be having foods and beverages that are leaving stains on your teeth or perhaps your age is contributing to the lost luster of your pearly whites. You could be brushing and flossing regularly as recommended by your dentist and doing everything possible to maintain your teeth in good condition but maybe perplexed with the discoloration. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you attempted to understand the reasons for the discoloration before deciding on any method to Whiten your teeth with or without the help of a dentist.

Will Natural Remedies to Whiten the Teeth Help?

Natural remedies to whiten your teeth will certainly help if you are following the recommendations of your dentist to brush and floss twice every day and also avoid staining foods that you are frequently having. If you are aging there is no way you can reverse this condition and natural remedies will not help you effectively. The foods you are having would have stained the enamel or the outer surface of your teeth. You may also have a buildup of plaque on the teeth making them appear yellow. The enamel may have eroded to an extent where the dentin which is naturally yellow becomes exposed which is usually the case with aged people. Under the circumstances, the better option for you would be to visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening.

What Can Be Expected at the Dentist’s Office during the Whitening Procedure?

The most usual method of tooth whitening used by a dentist is bleaching. The dental team at the dentist’s office will advise you whether you are suitable for this procedure are not and will also supervise it if you are. A rubber shield or a gel will be put on your gums for protection before the whitening product is applied to your teeth with the help of a specially designed tray that fits like a mouthguard. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is usually the active ingredient of the whitening product. When the active ingredient breaks down the enamel receives the oxygen it needs on the teeth to change the color of your tooth.

What Other Methods Will the Dentist Use?

The dentist in Gilbert is now using laser whitening after the bleaching product is painted on teeth. The laser is shone for activating the chemical. The whitening can be achieved faster because the light speeds up the reaction time of the whitening product. Laser whitening can improve the color of your teeth by up to 6 to 8 shades.

How Much Time Will Professional Teeth Whitening Require?

Professional teeth whitening can be completed in about 3 to 4 weeks. You will also be provided with a tray with the whitening gel for use at home which should be continued for over 2 to 4 weeks.

The treatment offered by dentists is guaranteed to whiten your teeth by several shades from the existing color with little or no side effects. It is the reason why professional teeth whitening must be chosen over all other methods that you may believe are useful.

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