Do you have severe dental decay or damage? Have you been told a filling isn’t the right option? At Family Care Dental we are proud to offer both dental inlays and dental onlays for our patients with extensive tooth decay and/or damage.

Dental Inlays

If the damage to your tooth is on the cusp of the affected tooth, a dental inlay may be the perfect option for restoring the tooth, preventing further damage and protecting it from any future complications.

Dental Onlays

For patients with damage that extends past the cusps of the affected tooth, a dental onlay may be a better option. Dental onlays can restore larger amounts of damage while preventing additional complications and protecting the tooth.

Both dental inlays and onlays are a perfect solution when decay or damage is too significant for a tooth filling but does not require a dental crown. Interested? Schedule your appointment today!

Dental Inlay & Dental Onlay Benefits

  • Versatile: can be used for a variety of dental complications and conditions.
  • Designed to be strong, durable and will last for many years with proper dental care habits.
  • Prevent further decay and damage.
  • Provide strength for the affected tooth.
  • Require less tooth drilling and enamel removal than most other restorative dentistry treatment options.

Get Your Mesa Dental Inlays and Onlays Today

Want to repair damage or decay to your tooth without compromising the structural integrity? Schedule your appointment with Family Care Dental today; we’d be happy to determine if our inlays or onlays are right for you.