Most of Americans will deal with cavities or missing teeth in their lifetime. It is a hard dental issue to avoid even if you have optimal oral hygiene habits. Our dental team at Family Care Dental offers a wide range of treatments to help restore teeth after cavities, including dental fillings. Continue reading on to learn more about dental fillings and see how they can improve your smile and overall health.

What are Dental Fillings?

They are made up of malleable material. They are placed into a cavity in the affected tooth and are used to restore the tooth while helping to avoid tooth decay. The dentist will shape the material to better fit the area and then harden the filling for proper function and appearance.

When are Dental Fillings Needed?

Dental fillings are needed when a tooth suffers from decay or trauma and requires material to fill it. Avoiding a treatment to fill a hole will allow harmful bacteria to enter and can lead to a severe infection that can be painful to bear. If you are experiencing sensitivity to heat or cold, can see a dark spot or hole, have pain while biting down, or have a rough, chipped, or fractured tooth, then you may need to talk to your dentist about receiving dental fillings.

Different Types of Fillings

They can be made from several different materials including resin composite materials, gold, or silver. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages and is at varying price points. Receiving a dental filling at our dental office is a stress-free and comfortable experience. Call Family Care Dental today to set up your next appointment with a member of our staff to keep your smile healthy!

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