mesa family dentistry Dr. Aaron Wildung DDS Dr. Stephen A. Folsom DDS Dr. Katie McDougall DDS Family Care Dentistry General, Cometic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist in Mesa, AZ 84204Many people feel anxious about going to the dentist, but at Family Care Dental, we go above and beyond to ensure our patients are comfortable. We offer various services ranging from cosmetic care to family dentistry in Mesa, Arizona. And we use the latest technology to ensure your experience is as pain-free as possible.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. We want to help you achieve your best possible smile so that you can feel confident in yourself and your appearance. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

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What Services Does Family Care Dental Offer?

At Family Care Dental, we offer a wide range of family dentistry services, which include:

General Dentistry

Family Care Dental is committed to providing high-quality dental care for our patients. We offer preventive care, restorative care, cosmetic dentistry, and more. We also provide emergency dental services. Our goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain good oral health. We want our patients to be informed about their oral health, so we offer resources on our website and in our office. We also accept most major insurance plans. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Dental Implants

You may consider dental implants if you’re missing one or more teeth. Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. They’re also durable, comfortable, and look natural. Family Care Dental offers high-quality dental implants that can give you back your smile.

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone and act as a foundation for artificial teeth. The implant is made of titanium, a strong and biocompatible metal that will fuse with your bone over time. This fusion helps support your new teeth and prevents them from shifting or moving. We can use dental implants to support a single tooth, a dental bridge, or dentures.

Family Care Dental offers several benefits for our patients who choose dental implants. We offer free initial consultations to help you determine if dental implants are right for you. We also have a team of experienced dentists who will work with you to ensure that your implants are placed correctly and comfortably. Once your implants are in place, we’ll help you take care of them, so they last for many years.

If you’re considering dental implants, contact Family Care Dental today to look into our services and how we can help you achieve your goals. We’re here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Preventative Care

At Family Care Dental, preventative care is the key to maintaining good oral health. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to help our patients keep their teeth and gums healthy. From oral hygiene visits and checkups to more advanced treatments like sealants and fluorides, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your oral health goals. And because we understand that many people are concerned about the cost of dental care, we offer various payment options that make it easy to get the care you need. So if you’re looking for a dentist to help you keep your smile looking its best, call us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment at a convenient time.


Mesa Family Dentistry

At Family Care Dental, we understand the importance of oral health for the whole family. We’re here to help you and your loved ones maintain a healthy smile. We also know that life can be hectic, so we offer flexible payment options. Our goal is to provide quality care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We appreciate your trust in us, and we’ll work hard to earn your continued business and trust. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aaron Wildung, Dr. Stephen Folson, or Dr. Katie McDougall. Thanks for choosing Family Care Dental!