Although your teeth may appear healthy and clean to you, we still recommend regular dental cleanings and examinations. These will help to ensure a healthy smile and avoid the buildup of tartar. It also allows our dentist the opportunity to look for potential diseases or decay.

Your oral health is the gateway to a healthy body. Studies have shown illnesses such as heart disease and cancer can be traced back to an unhealthy smile. Regular dental visits will help to ensure a healthy smile.


Our dentist provides root canal treatments for several of our patients on a regular basis. We provide the proper anesthesia for our patients for a comfortable experience. The affected area will be completely numb during the procedure. It is normal to experience discomfort and pain in the days that follow your appointment.


Having good brushing and flossing habits are essential to having healthy teeth. We also recommend a healthy diet with good nutrition to improve your oral health.


Teeth extractions are another common procedure our dentists provide. Our dentists supply the proper anesthesia to give you a comfortable experience. This will help you to avoid any pain. Swelling and discomfort are also common after your appointment.