Pregnancy is a delicate situation in women’s life where their body undergoes enormous changes. Also, there is a significant impact on hormonal changes. People barely connect these changes to dental health. But these changes have a huge impact. During pregnancy, attention is essential to keep your oral health up to date.

Discuss with a dentist in Mesa how to deal with your dental health during pregnancy. In this situation, patients may feel irritation and inflammation in the gums frequently. There are also food cravings, resulting in damage to your dental health.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Dental Health?

Tooth Decays and Cavities

Pregnancy has effects on dental health. Here we are discussing the common dental problems women undergo in such situations.


Cavities are common but a pregnant woman is more prone to them because they crave eating. At this stage, their tissues are soft. Your eating habits may result in tooth decay easily. To avoid this, you need to take proper care of your dental hygiene so that you can enjoy the phase. After delivery, they can also retain their dental health without severe damage.


It is a common dental issue that is there because of bacterial plaque. In pregnancy, women feel morning sickness and vomit a lot. The acids from their stomachs cause damage to the surface of their teeth. Moreover, acids and acidic foods that women eat during the initial phase of their pregnancy results in gingivitis.

Loose Teeth

As women undergo immense hormonal changes during this phase, these changes tend to make tissue weak. Due to their weakness, the positioning of the teeth gets affected. They may get loose in this particular phase.

Pregnancy Tumors

They are not mouth ulcers but small lumps between the teeth. In pregnancy, you will quickly notice them. They are red and can bleed at any time. After delivery, they will go on their own.

During pregnancy, women undergo numerous changes, and almost everything changes inside. In such a situation which dental treatments patient should pick?

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Oral care is vital even in your pregnancy also. When it comes to having dental treatment in such a delicate phase, you should first consult your physician. And when you visit any dentist, make sure to tell him about your pregnancy and the medication you are taking. If it is a high-risk pregnancy, you should speak to the dentist about it at any cost.

Dentistry is so advanced these days. There are solutions available to tackle pregnancy-like situations. For example, if you need to have your tooth pulled out. There are mild sedatives and medicines available that will never interfere in your pregnancy.

The same is the case with X-rays. Your dentist will cover your abdomen and throat with a cover that will not protect your child from harmful rays.

When you avoid your dental health because of pregnancy, don’t discuss everything with the dentist near you and get safe solutions.

Dealing with Food Cravings

Cravings for food in pregnancy are not a matter to worry about. But the situation may lead to severe dental problems. You need to follow some tips to stop the cravings and manage them wisely.

Eat healthy food regularly. If you want to eat something in mid of the meals, choose a healthy food option. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Take proper sleep. Studies have shown that the women who don’t get full sleep during pregnancy crave more junk food and unhealthy food.

Maintain a proper exercising schedule. Physical activities keep you busy and help you to get enough sleep. Plus, it also reduces stress and ultimately controls cravings.

Food cravings during pregnancy are unavoidable by any means. The thing you can do is just maintain a healthy life routine and if you are eating unhealthy sugary or sticky food don’t forget to properly clean your teeth and gums at least three times a day. To maintain good oral health, include calcium-rich products in your diet.

Pregnancy is happy news and a drastic change don’t let your smile fade away during the ups and downs of the phase just endure everything with a healthy and bright smile.

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