Do you have anxiety over a dental extraction procedure? Your anticipation for the appointment could be worse than the pain you’re likely to face. However, you don’t have to panic since the procedure involves pain management processes to ensure your recovery is fast. You are likely to resume your daily routine after a few days from a tooth extraction procedure. After undergoing tooth extraction in Mesa, AZ, you find ideal post-operative care to optimize your healing process, alleviate pain and lessen complications that may occur after the extraction process.

Is Pain After Tooth Extraction Normal?

You are likely to experience pain or sensitivity in your gum tissues, and the socket left after your affected tooth has been extracted. The recovery duration depends on your consistent follow-up on the guidelines provided by your specialist. However, after the procedure, the recovery process is initiated, and discomfort fades away within three days. If your pain worsens, you can visit your dentist for an examination and pain management plan. Pain relievers can be ideal for alleviating your pain, but you need to follow the prescription given by your dentist closely.

When to See Your Dentist

It’s normal to experience some discomfort after tooth extraction. However, there’s a need to visit your dentist if you face the following:

Pain after a dental extraction may disrupt your daily routine and hinder you from executing your essential obligations accordingly. For instance, a wisdom tooth extraction involves extensive dental surgeries and may cause prolonged discomfort for several days. Tooth extraction in Mesa, AZ, ensures you find quick recovery with minor discomfort. In addition, we provide you with home-based therapies to alleviate pain. Our experts ensure your recovery and healing processes are smooth.

How to Manage Your Pain After a Dental Extraction

Managing your pain after a tooth extraction procedure is influenced by various aspects. The reaction to certain pain medications and your medical history are crucial elements that determine your recovery and healing. Numerous approaches can be used to alleviate your pain, and some of the options include:


Your specialist may recommend you have enough rest after the dental extraction procedure. It enables you to resume your routine activities sooner than when you engage in rigorous activities. It’s also advisable to rest for 24 hours after dental extraction for an optimal healing process.

Taking Pain Relievers

Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers are ideal for reducing inflammation and alleviating your pain. Your dentist may prescribe more potent pain relievers if you’re experiencing severe pain.

Eat soft foods

Pain and sensitivity after a dental extraction may occur due to irritants. Intake of soft foods can prevent you from irritation. After tooth extraction, you also need to avoid sugary, crunchy, and chewy foods. It’s also ideal to avoid chewing food with the teeth close to the tooth extraction socket to avoid bleeding. A suitable diet for you after a tooth extraction includes:

upon recovery, you can take solid soft foods like rice or cooked vegetables as you progressively return to your regular diet.

Apply Ice Packs

dental surgeries involved during your extraction procedure may lead to swelling. Applying ice prevents swelling and alleviates pain. Your dentist may advise using ice cubes within the first 24 hours of the dental extraction. Ice cubes reduce inflammation and lessen pain after a dental extraction procedure.

Rinse with saltwater

It’s crucial to rinse your mouth with salty water after your extraction. Saltwater cleanses the extraction site and prevents it from infection. You need to rinse the extraction site gently to avoid disturbing the blood clot.

Pain that occurs after a tooth extraction is manageable. However, you need to follow all the tips your dentist provides to ensure your pain is suppressed. If you experience severe pain after a dental extraction process, it’s crucial to visit your dentist. At Family Care Dental, we provide you with an ideal aftercare plan to manage your discomfort after a dental extraction. Our specialists will examine your condition and formulate measures to lessen your pain if your pain persists.

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