At Family Care Dental we believe that prevention and protection is an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile. For this reason, we recommend that any of our patients that partake in sports, experience bruxism, clenching/grinding or have been diagnosed with TMD protect themselves with a custom-fit mouth guard. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, our sports guards and night guards are personalized per patient, ensuring a more comfortable and protective fit.

Sports Guards

For patients that participate in athletic activities and/or sports, a customized, sports mouth guard can provide protection for their teeth, gums, tongue, lips and even jaw. The majority of sports related dental injuries could be prevented if the patient was wearing a properly fit sports guard.

Night Guards

For our patients that experience bruxism, nighttime clenching/grinding or TMD symptoms, our night guards in Mesa are a great option. Designed to fit comfortably, most patients report no problems with sleep and a reduction in their painful symptoms.

Benefits of Our Mesa Mouthguards

  • Our mouth guards are custom-fit for each patient.
  • Mouth guards can reduce damage to teeth.
  • Mouth guards can reduce painful symptoms.
  • Mouth guards can prevent traumatic dental injuries.
  • Mouth guards can prevent headaches.

Get Your Mouth Guards in Mesa Today

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