Did you know that over 10,000 Americans will die from oral cancer this year? Fortunately, oral cancer survival rates are greatly increased when caught early. Oral and oropharyngeal cancers are most commonly found on the tongue, tonsils, oropharynx, gums and inside the mouth however it can occur elsewhere. At Family Care Dental we are proud to offer and recommend oral cancer screenings for all of our patients. When is the last time you had an oral cancer screening? Schedule yours with Family Care Dental today.

About Our Oral Cancer Screenings in Mesa

Family Care Dental is proud to use OralID as a tool to aid in the oral cancer screening process. With this technology we utilize fluorescence technology, making it easier to spot cancer, pre-cancer and even abnormal lesions in and around the mouth. It is important to detect and treat oral cancer early as it can significantly increase your chances of survival.

Benefits of Our Mesa Oral Cancer Screenings

When many people think of cancer, “oral cancer” isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However early detection of oral cancer can be the difference between surviving or not. At Family Care Dental our oral cancer screenings have many benefits which include:

  • They are provided during dental exam/cleaning.
  • They are a painless procedure.
  • The entire screening is done quite quickly.
  • Detects early signs of cancer, pre-cancer and abnormal tissue.
  • Early oral cancer treatment can increase survival chances.

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening in Mesa

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