Your perfect smile can be more beautiful if they stay protected. Sometimes following good oral hygiene is not enough. You have to do some extra for your attractive smile. You can use mouth guards for protecting your teeth. Accidents or teeth grinding are the major contributors to dental damage. These inventions can help you protect your teeth at all costs. Here are some details that you should know about.

Why Do You Need Mouthguards

The sole purpose of mouthguards is the protection of the teeth. Wearing those sounds problematic but they can protect your smile from accidents or any jerks. Also, you need them for protection against teeth grinding. But what are teeth grinding?

Also known as bruxism, grinding is clenching the teeth hard enough that they become sensitive and prone to damage. This is a bad habit that most people develop over time. Stress and anxiety are also the reasons why people clench teeth. The habit turns into a dental problem if not controlled at an early age. It becomes a problem when the patient clenches teeth unintentionally. This is a major symptom that every patient shows.

You may witness grinding teeth during sleep. Your jaws and facial muscles will hurt badly. Swelling may be possible. This is an extreme condition that requires night guards. The patient wears them during the sleep and teeth are protected from the grinding effect.

Types of Mouthguards You Can Choose From

These are usually advised for the upper teeth but if your problem is severe, the dentist may recommend you for the lower teeth as well. There are three basic types of nightguards that you can choose depending upon the condition of your teeth.

These are an easy to shape type that is made from thermoplastic. First, the material is placed in hot water to soften it. Once the material is soft, it is directly placed on your denture so that it settles according to shape. It gives you a natural look.

They are shaped before placing on the denture. You can get a set from the pharmacy nearby. A little precision is required because the size is standardized. Precision in the shape of the guards is necessary for better protection and attractive appearance. Their durability is often compromised. They weigh more than other night guards so breathing is difficult.

This is the most appropriate type because your customized mouth guards are more satisfying for the patient. An impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to the laboratory. There is a little alignment procedure followed for the jawbone for more accuracy.

How to Care for Night Guards

Here are some tips that can help you care and clean night guards effectively.

  • Brush it with toothpaste after every use
  • Keep it protected in a case
  • Keep out of reach of sun or heat to prevent deformation
  • Fit should be perfect for your mouth
  • Use mouth rinses before and after every meal
  • Do not forget the guards on your dental visit

Following these tips may be handy for cleaning these protectors. Consult a dentist if these do not work or you find any problem.

Regular dental visits and replacement of night guards are a big problem for patients. You must know some dos and don’ts to avoid this problem. Here are a few do’s first that might help you.

Here are some don’ts that mat also help you.

Regular dental visits and the cost of regular replacements can be avoided if you keep the dos and don’ts in mind.

Nightguards are an efficient and effective method for protecting your teeth. Grinding can make your teeth more sensitive. The guards help your teeth stay strong. If you are searching for a dentist for night guards , visit us. Our dentist will guide you and examine your oral condition. The dentist will suggest the best options for you.

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