If you have lost one or more teeth, you may think of getting dentures or bridges for replacing them. However, dentures don’t offer permanent solution and many people find them quite uncomfortable to wear. Bridges also have their own drawbacks such as ill-fitting and slipping.

However, the dental implants offer a permanent solution and they can be placed in a single day! It has been made possible with the help of same-day implants, which allows you to improve your smile with the help of minimal disruption and less time consumption.

The straightforward dental implant procedure in Mesa, AZ can be reduced into two steps:

The whole procedure involves a surgery which goes quite well with most of the patients. The new teeth are installed immediately and once they are installed, they look and function like real teeth. Once inserted in the right way, they fit perfectly and eliminate the need for uncomfortable and poorly fitting alternatives such as dentures.

Why Choose Same-Day Implants?

The implant surgery doesn’t need adhesives, and the procedure is quite comfortable and safe. The implants will replace the roots of the damaged or missing teeth, and function just like your existing teeth. The implants will align with the remaining teeth and create a seamless smile.

Same-Day Implants Offer a Number of Other Benefits Such As:

Schedule Free Consultation Today with a Dentist Near You

It’s important to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the dentist for implants. An experienced dentist near you will be able to perform the surgery with utmost care and precision, and you can rest assured about the success of the surgery. You can also get the surgery done for supporting implant dentures and enjoy the benefits of a healthy tooth replacement.

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