Dream of a brighter smile? Tired of wasting money on store-bought teeth whitening products that just don’t work? At Family Care Dental we are proud to offer various teeth whitening options for our patients that are interested in removing staining and discoloration from their smile.

About Our Mesa Teeth Whitening Services

Whether you are interested in professional teeth whitening in the office or would prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, Family Care Dental has an option for you.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

With our zoom teeth whitening in Mesa, AZ we utilize UV light and hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. This allows us to remove both intrinsic (interior) and extrinsic (exterior), unlike over-the-counter options which only remove surface stains. Interested in Zoom! Whitening? Schedule an appointment today!

Brite Smile Teeth Whitening

With our Brite Smile teeth whitening, we utilize patented teeth bleaching gel and laser technology to provide maximum brightening results. Brite Smile is also capable of removing both interior and exterior staining.

Benefits of Our Professional Teeth Whitening in Mesa, AZ

  • Professional teeth whitening does not cause irritation to the gums or tooth sensitivity.
  • Professional teeth whitening provides effective and quick results; you’ll see a difference in just one appointment.
  • Professional teeth whitening removes stains on the surface of teeth along with discoloration that occurs from within.

Visit Our Mesa Teeth Whitening Dentist Today

Ready for a brighter, whiter, healthier-looking smile? Schedule your appointment for teeth whitening in Mesa, AZ today!