Smile often conveys a feeling of happiness, hope and positivity to anyone around. Smiles of yours send a message to the people around being accepted and welcomed. It is said that there is an immense power found within a smile.

A smile gives a lot of chemicals that help in producing positive emotions. A forced smile looks counter-intuitive when during an unpleasant situation.

Family Care Dental says the power of smiling offers many benefits-

People think smiling at a stressful situation may not be just what is required. But smiling decreases the body’s heart rate during stressful situations.

As per Family Care Dental, smiling exhibits slower heart rates during challenges and wide smile lowers the heart rate completely. Smiling increases levels of serotonin even if it’s a forced smile.

Dentist in Mesa suggests that a forced smile can help you deal with difficult situations.

Most of you might think a smile is a reason for happiness. But it is proven that a smile can actually make you feel happy.

Mesa dentist says smiling creates a chemical reaction in the brain which produces dopamine. Low dopamine levels are associated with depression and higher levels show a feeling of happiness.

Few muscles are required while smiling then it does to frown. Smiling requires less effort as you are not in any mental stress or worry when you smile.

When you are frowning, it shows that you are discontent with something. It reflects that you are in pain and might not be able to withstand it.

The decrease of sunlight in winter months leads to an increase in depression, lethargy and irritability which is known as seasonal affective disorder.

Smiling may help you with these blues if you’re depressed during the winter months. The increase in serotonin and endorphins levels in the brain boosts positive emotions.

You know how powerful a smile can be. Find out a dentist near you who can help you in dealing with discolouration, gaps or chipped teeth and let you enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile.

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