Dental implants have been around for long enough for most people to have heard of them. They are utilized by your dentist to replace a missing tooth. However, there is more than what you see at the surface when it comes to a dental implant. There are many more benefits that you may not know of yet.

Different Options for Tooth Replacement

Removable dentures have restored the function and appearance of the smiles of many people for many years. Unfortunately, discomfort, slipping, and shifting have been common throughout the history of removable dentures. This can make it challenging to enjoy your smile and your food.

Dental bridges are a good solution to missing teeth, however, when they are attached to adjacent teeth, the natural teeth may need to be altered. when dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth, they are permanently rooted in your jaw bone. There are many benefits to utilizing dental implants rather than a traditional dental bridge.

Compare your options

We want to help you consider some of the benefits that dental implants can offer you and how they stack up against your other options:

Dental implants give you improved chewing ability. As a comparison, only about 10% of your chewing ability whereas dental implant restore up to 90% of your chewing ability.

Dentures can create taste and speech issues, especially when they are first being used. However, dental implants ensure that the tooth feels completely natural when it comes to chewing and speaking.

Another huge benefit to dental implants over dentures is there maintenance. As long as you follow a good oral routine, implants are virtually maintenance free. As a comparison, dentures need to be maintained every three years.

If you have any more questions regarding dental implant and their benefits, please give us a call or stop by our office today.

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