Your overall health is greatly affected by your oral health. This means that keeping up with proper oral hygiene habits can improve your overall body and reduce the risk of developing different illnesses. Our dentists at Family Dental Care realize the importance of regularly flossing your teeth to protect your health. What are the other benefits that come from flossing? Read on to learn more and see how you can protect your teeth.

Lack of proper flossing can lead to inflammation or even gum disease. Harmful bacteria from gum disease and tooth decay from your mouth can eventually find its way to the rest of your body and increase the risk of other illnesses. It puts you at risk for heart disease and even increases your risk of a heart attack. Gum disease can also lead to type 2 diabetes. It also leaves you vulnerable to bad breath, dementia, pneumonia, and kidney disease. Proper care of your teeth with adequate brushing and flossing techniques can leave you with a healthy mouth and improve your overall body. A healthy diet can also improve your smile and health. Talk to your Family Dental Care dentist to learn more about the proper way to floss your teeth and what foods help to improve your teeth.

Flossing is vital because it helps to eliminate bacteria that can lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar. Although most people are aware of the importance of regular flossing, many still do not floss daily. The consequences are tooth loss and severe decay that will need treatment to fix.

We encourage you to contact your dentist to learn more about proper flossing techniques and become more aware of your oral health. Contact our dental clinic today to schedule your next appointment with one of our dentists.

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